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Discografia de Stryper

Tema en 'Discografias Cristianas' comenzado por arielmacz, 5 de Enero de 2008.

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  1. arielmacz

    arielmacz Moderator Moderador

    Stryper Discografia (1984-2011) (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock)

    Stryper Discografia (1984-2014) (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock)

    Live At The Whisky CD/DVD, 2014 [Frontiers]


    1. Legacy
    2. Marching Into Battle
    3. You Know What To Do
    4. Loud N' Clear
    5. Reach Out
    6. Calling On You
    7. Free
    8. More Than A Man
    9. The Rock That Makes Me Roll
    10. No More Hell To Pay
    11. Jesus Is Just Alright
    12. Always There For You
    13. All For One
    14. The Way
    15. To Hell With The Devil
    16. Soldiers Under Command


    No More Hell To Pay (Japanese Edition), 2013 [Frontiers/Avalon]


    Revelation (4:31)
    No More Hell To Pay (5:07)
    Saved By Love (3:08)
    Jesus Is Just Alright (5:10)
    The One (4:11)
    Legacy (4:15)
    Marching Into Battle (4:45)
    Te Amo (4:17)
    Sticks And Stones (4:21)
    Water Into Wine (3:42)
    Sympathy (4:13)
    Renewed (4:21)
    First Love (Orchestral Version) (04:20)


    Second Coming (Japanese Edition), 2013 [Frontiers/Avalon]


    Loud N' Clear (3:55)
    Loving You (4:28)
    Soldiers Under Command (5:09)
    Makes Me Wanna Sing (2:51)
    First Love (5:22)
    The Rock That Makes Me Roll (4:54)
    Reach Out (5:25)
    Surrender (4:19)
    To Hell With The Devil (4:16)
    Calling On You (3:41)
    Free (3:51)
    The Way (3:38)
    Sing Along Song (4:24)
    More Then A Man (4:46)
    Bleeding From The Inside Out (New) (3:44)
    Blackened (New) (3:08)
    Together as One (Bonus Track) (04:45)


    The Covering, 2011 [Big3]


    Set Me Free (3:45)
    Blackout (3:58)
    Heaven and Hell (6:11)
    Lights Out (3:44)
    Carry on Wayward Son (5:16)
    Highway Star (5:45)
    Shout It Out Loud (3:15)
    Over the Mountain (4:21)
    The Trooper (3:53)
    Breaking the Law (3:02)
    On Fire (3:08)
    Immigrant Song (2:18)
    God (4:55)


    Murder By Pride, 2009 [Big3]


    Eclipse Of The Son (4:04)
    4 Leaf Clover (3:42)
    Peace Of Mind (3:59)
    Alive (3:36)
    The Plan (3:10)
    Murder By Pride (3:18)
    I Believe (3:43)
    Run In You (4:15)
    Love Is Why (4:07)
    Mercy Over Blame (4:08)
    Everything (4:26)
    My Love (I'll Always Show) (3:17)


    The Roxx Regime Demos, 2007 [Fifty-Three Five]


    From Wrong to Right
    My Love I'll Always Show (original rock version)
    Loud 'N Clear
    You Know What To Do
    You Won't Be Lonely
    Co'mon Rock
    Tank (Robert Sweet Drum Solo)


    Live In Puerto Rico, 2007 [Fifty-Three Five]


    1. Sing Along Song
    2. Makes Me Wanna Sing
    3. Calling on You
    4. Free
    5. More than a Man
    6. Caught in the Middle
    7. You Won't Be Lonely
    8. Reach Out
    9. Loud 'N' Clear
    10. The Way
    11. Soldiers Under Command
    12. To Hell with the Devil
    13. Honestly
    14. Winter Wonderland


    Extended Versions, 2006 [Sony BMG]


    1. Makes Me Wanna Sing
    2. Calling on You
    3. Free
    4. More Than a Man
    5. You Won't Be Lonely
    6. Reach Out
    7. The Way
    8. Soldiers Under Command
    9. To Hell with the Devil
    10. Honestly


    Reborn, 2005 [Big3]


    Open Your Eyes
    When Did I See You Cry
    Make You Mine
    Live Again
    If I Die
    Wait For You
    10,000 Years


    7 Weeks: Live in America 2003, 2004 [Fifty-Three Five]


    Sing Along Song
    Makes Me Wanna Sing
    Calling On You
    More Than A Man
    Caught In The Middle
    Reach Out
    Loud N' Clear
    The Way
    Soldiers Under Command
    To Hell With The Devil
    Winter Wonderland
    Closing Prayer


    Seven: The Best of Stryper, 2003 [Hollywood]


    Something (Previously Unreleased) - 2003
    For You (Previously Unreleased) - 2003
    Shining Star - 1990
    Lady - 1990
    All For One - 1990
    In God We Trust - 1988
    Always There For You - 1988
    To Hell With The Devil - 1986
    Calling On You - 1986
    Free - 1986
    Honestly - 1986
    The Way - 1986
    Soldiers Under Command - 1985
    Makes Me Wanna Sing - 1985
    Reach Out - 1985
    From Wrong To Right - 1984
    Loving You - 1984
    Believe - 1991


    Can't Stop The Rock: The Styper Collection 1984-1991, 1991 [Hollywood]


    Can't Stop The Rock
    Soldiers Under Command
    Always There For You
    To Hell With The Devil
    In God We Trust
    Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)
    Together As One
    You Know What To Do


    Against The Law, 1990/1991 [Enigma/Hollywood]


    Against The Law
    Two Time Woman
    Rock The People
    Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul)
    Not That Kind Of Guy
    Shining Star
    Ordinary Man
    Caught In The Middle
    All For One
    Rock The Hell Out Of You


    In God We Trust, 1988/1991 [Enigma/Hollywood]


    In God We Trust
    Always There For You
    Keep The Fire Burning
    I Believe In You
    The Writings On The Wall
    It's Up 2 U
    The World Of You And I
    Come To The Everlife
    The Reign


    To Hell With The Devil, 1986/1991 [Enigma/Hollywood]


    Abyss (To Hell With The Devil) (1:21)
    To Hell With The Devil (4:08)
    Calling On You (3:59)
    Free (3:44)
    Honestly (4:10)
    The Way (3:37)
    Sing-Along Song (4:21)
    Holding On (4:16)
    Rockin' The World (3:30)
    All of Me (3:11)
    More Than a Man (4:34)


    The Yellow And Black Attack (Re-released Edition), 1986/1991 [Enigma/Hollywood]


    Loud 'N' Clear
    From Wrong To Right
    My Love I'll Always Show
    You Know What To Do
    Co'Mon Rock
    You Won't Be Lonely
    Loving You
    Reason For The Season


    The Yellow And Black Attack (Japanese Edition), 1986 [Enigma/CBS]


    Loud 'N' Clear
    From Wrong To Right
    My Love I'll Always Show
    You Know What To Do
    Co'Mon Rock
    You Won't Be Lonely
    Loving You
    Reason For The Season
    Winter Wonderland (Bonus Track)


    Soldiers Under Command, 1985/1991 [Enigma/Hollywood]


    Soldiers Under Command
    Makes Me Wanna Sing
    Together Forever
    First Love
    The Rock That Makes Me Roll
    Reach Out
    (Waiting For) A Love That's Real
    Together As One
    Battle Hymn Of The Republic


    The Yellow And Black Attack, 1984 [Enigma]


    Loud 'N' Clear
    From Wrong To Right
    Loving You
    You Know What To Do
    Co'Mon Rock
    You Won't Be Lonely

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  2. jS073009

    jS073009 New Member

    libreme Jehova de los ejercitos de ser idolatra. Pero ninguno de los que nos gusta el rock puede dejar de tener a Stryper.

    Gracias como siempre, arielmacz. Dios te guarde, bendiga y prospere tu vida.
  3. arielmacz

    arielmacz Moderator Moderador

    Gracias vos y me extraña Stryper fue uno de los iconos de la musica Heavy Gospel o White Metal como los conocen en otros paises.
  4. jS073009

    jS073009 New Member

    Ni hablar, exelente banda con la cual muchos crecimos y aun seguimos escuchando su musica.

    Exelente tu aporte.

    Dios te bendiga arielmacz.
  5. kaibakane

    kaibakane New Member

    good bandan que puede decir me dejo sin palabras.....bendiciones
  6. Stanley

    Stanley New Member

    Gracias por tu aporte! bendiciones!
  7. arielmacz

    arielmacz Moderator Moderador

    De nada bro ya sabes. !!!Bendiciones!!!
  8. Stanley

    Stanley New Member

    Una observacion! Cuando bajas el disco de los Demos del 2007... el ultimo de la lista.

    Los nombres de los trcks son difrentes y algunas canciones no estan!... me pregunto cual realmente es la lista de las canciones?

    Esta es la lista que sale cunado bajas el disco:

    01 - Wrong To Right
    02 - My Love I'll Always Show
    03 - Robert's Drum Solo
    04 - Loud 'N Clear
    05 - You Won't Be Lonely
    06 - You Know What To Do
    07 - Co'mon Rock
    Última modificación: 23 de Enero de 2008
  9. arielmacz

    arielmacz Moderator Moderador

    Muy Buena tu observacion vos y si la lista que yo pues solo la saque de una pagina de referencia asique la lista real es esa que sale cuando lo bajas, disculpa si te hice bolas con los tracks.
    Que Dios Te Bendiga
  10. Stanley

    Stanley New Member

    Muchas gracias hermano por aclararme la duda! Dios te siga bendiciendo... y digo:

    Si el diablo dice que el ron es bueno, que lo beba èl.
    si dice que la calle es buena, que la ande èl
    si dice que la droga es buena, que se la meta èl,
    pero si dice que Dios es bueno, que se lo deje a ARIEL...!!!
  11. arielmacz

    arielmacz Moderator Moderador

    O.K. jajajaja hoy si te la echastes buena vos y de nada me extraña estamos para servirte.
    Saludos y Dios Te Bendiga
    Última modificación: 25 de Enero de 2008
  12. awake27

    awake27 New Member

    Gracia y bendiciones
  13. Stanley

    Stanley New Member

    Otro pa la coleccion!

    Espero que les guste... cre que es una recopilacion de exitos!




    Aca en esta pag encontraran el link de este disco y de otros mas que ya se postearon aca!



  14. stanley2112

    stanley2112 New Member

    hola hermanos metaleros creo que que les falto un album de stryper para estar completos , yo lo tengo diganme como se suben los discos y lo subire. pueden contactarme stanley2112@hotmail.com
  15. stanley2112

    stanley2112 New Member

    perdon ya lo suvieron no he dicho nada .
  16. kusanagui

    kusanagui New Member

    Muchas Gracias , EXcelente Aporte...

    Donwloading.... .... .... ... ... .. .. .. . . . .

    :) Satisfactorio..........

  17. Dj_hector

    Dj_hector New Member

    gracias ...

    ya tu sabez ...
  18. arielmacz

    arielmacz Moderator Moderador

    Discografia Totalmente Actualizada
  19. arielmacz

    arielmacz Moderator Moderador

    Discografia Totalmente Actualizada
    Agregados los siguientes Singles:
    Honestly Single, 1987 [Enigma]
    Shining Star Single, 1990 [Enigma]
    Make You Mine Single, 2005 [Enigma]
  20. arielmacz

    arielmacz Moderator Moderador

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