Bryann T - Kingdom Muzic Family: The Remnant [2020]

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    Artist: Bryann T
    Album: Kingdom Muzic Family: The Remnant
    Release Date: 2020-11-27
    Track List:

    01 Remnant (Intro)
    02 More Than Music Cypher (feat. Chi Chi, Kay Kay, Young Disciples, Jubal Elrod, Monica Hill Trejo, Young Bro, Antwoine Hill, KG Santiago, AyeItsAron & Zee)
    03 Satisfied Soul (feat. Brandon)
    04 Alaba (feat. Lalo Mendoza, Gina Santiago, KG & Da Young Disciples)
    05 Pressure
    06 184 (feat. Antwoine Hill & Young Bro)
    07 Holy Is His Name
    08 I'm On Dat (feat. Monica Hill Trejo)
    09 Right By Him (feat. Ray Yung)
    10 Real Love (feat. Zee & Brandon Castello)
    11 Things to Be Grateful For
    12 Clarity (feat. Antwoine Hill)
    13 Sustain (feat. Drew Ava)
    14 Cup Full of Joy (feat. Arize)
    15 Life In Your Hands (feat. AyeItsAron & Diego C.)
    16 Servanthood (feat. KJ-52)
    17 Time To Grow (feat. Young Bro)
    18 Prayer (feat. Lucky Luciano, Young Bro, Antwoine Hill & Zee)
    19 You Will (feat. Young Bro)
    20 Kingdom Focus (feat. Drew Ava & JP)
    21 Save Me (feat. Da Young Disciples)
    22 God Is Good (feat. Jubal Elrod)
    23 Way Up
    24 Jesus Is The Answer (feat. Matthew Grant)

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