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Emery - Eve [2018]

Tema en 'Rock / Alternativo' comenzado por LaPautaOriginal, 11 de Diciembre de 2018.

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  1. LaPautaOriginal

    LaPautaOriginal Active Member

    Emery - Eve [2018]



    01. Is This the Real Life
    02. Fear Yourself
    03. Jesus Wept
    04. Safe
    05. Young Boy's Dream
    06. People Always Ask Me If We're Gonna Cuss in an Emery Song
    07. Streets of Gold
    08. Name Your God
    09. Flesh
    10. Bones
    11. Shame
    12. Everything That She Offered Me
    13. See You on the Other Side
    14. 2007 Clarksville High Volleyball State Champs Gay Is OK
    15. Sins of Every Father





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