Meha Shamayim

Tema en 'Musica Mesianica' comenzado por Mariana, 31 de Enero de 2008.

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  1. Mariana

    Mariana New Member

    Meha Shamayim
    Desde los cielos


    Meha Shamayim - From The Heavens
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  3. Mariana

    Mariana New Member

    1. Glorify
    2. May The Lord Bless You
    3. The Remnant Of Israel
    4. No Not I
    5. The Lord's Prayer (Avinu)
    6. My Soul Waiteth
    7. Sweet Child Of Mine
    8. The Seed
    9. Shabbat Shleva
    10. Ben David
    11. Two Thousand Years
    12. Precious Hope
    13. Shabbat's Coming
    14. Sound The Great Shofar
    15. Glorify (Alternate Version)

    Meha Shamayim, pronounced (May-Ha-Sha-Mime), the Hebrew words, “From The Heavens,” is the very place to which the Messiah (Jesus) will return to Jerusalem.

    This new duo blends 70’s retro sounds and soothing vocals with modern messianic praise & worship, creating a very unique and timeless quality in their music.

    From the Heavens producer Leonardo Bella (one half of the duo) is a music industry veteran who also engineered and performed on the internationally acclaimed albums from the land of Israel, ADONAI & ElOHIM.

    “Not since Martin Smith of Delirious? produced “Sh’ma Yisrael” (Hear O Israel) in 1999 for Galilee of the Nations, have I heard such pure and innovative sounds and vocal performances.” It reminds one of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bookends.”
    Yochanan Ben Yehuda
    President, Galilee of the Nations Music

    :):)traducí Anilove please...DTBM
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  4. jer1972miller

    jer1972miller New Member

    Dios Te Bendiga Por Tu Aporte , Me Alegra Que Cada Dia Encuentre Mas Personas A Las Cuales Nos Interesa Este Genero Musical , Y'shua Te Bendiga Y Su Mano Poderosa Este Siempre Sobre Ti , Bendiciones

  5. megaboy39000

    megaboy39000 New Member

    sube mas musica de este genero

    gracias , muy buena musica, ojala puedas subir mas mùsica mesìanica...saludos:eek::D
  6. camelido

    camelido New Member

    Muchas Gracias Marianita Mi Dios Te Siga Bendiciendo Camelido
  7. ZASO

    ZASO New Member

    Muy fresco, gracias, DTB

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