NewDay - Truth: Live Worship from Newday 2018 [2018]

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    NewDay - Truth: Live Worship from Newday 2018 [2018]



    01. How Sweet the Name (Just One Name) [Feat. Simon Brading] [Live]
    02. Unstoppable God [Feat. Sharene Ricketts] [Live]
    03. Almighty [Feat. Simon Brading] [Live]
    04. Who You Say I Am [Feat. Anna Brading] [Live]
    05. God You're so Good [Feat. Anna Brading & Simon Brading] [Live]
    06. Jesus You Are [Feat. Sharene Ricketts] [Live]
    07. Alpha and Omega [Feat. Sharene Ricketts] [Live]
    08. Born to Love [Feat. Anna Brading] [Live]
    09. Thankyou [Feat. Anna Brading] [Live]
    10. O Praise the Name (Anástasis) [Live]
    11. Here as in Heaven [Feat. Maxwell Nygren & Nick Foulks] [Live]







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