The Commission - Life [2019]

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    Artist: The Commission
    Album: Life
    Release Date: 2019-07-05
    Track List:

    01 Intro - Psalm 23
    02 Hold On (feat. Genesiz & Protege)
    03 I Just Found Out Who I am (feat. DublT)
    04 I Can (feat. D4C)
    05 Salvation Is the Key (feat. Grasp)
    06 Saved By His Grace (feat. D4C, DublT, Genesiz & Grasp)
    07 In You (feat. D4C)
    08 I've Been Dead (feat. Genesiz)
    09 I Wonder If I Could Change (feat. Grasp)
    10 Change Ya World (feat. Protege)
    11 Rise Up (feat. D4C)
    12 Commissioned (feat. Grasp, Protege, Genesiz, Silaz & D4C)
    13 Don't Cry (feat. Genesiz & CT4)
    14 We Miss You (feat. DublT)
    15 Rhyme of My Heart (feat. Jaymi Winters)
    16 Masquerade (feat. Genesiz, Silaz & Protege)
    17 Victory (feat. Genesiz, DublT, D4C, Grasp & Protege)
    18 Imagine Being Me (feat. D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E.)

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