Todd Dulaney - Your Great Name [2018]

Tema en 'Alabanza y Adoracion' comenzado por LaPautaOriginal, 21 de Enero de 2018.

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    Todd Dulaney - Your Great Name [2018]



    01. Prayer [Feat. Pastor John Hannah]
    02. Sits Up on the Throne
    03. Come Alive
    04. Your Great Name [Live]
    05. Stand Forever
    06. King of Glory [Feat. Shana Wilson-Williams]
    07. Pulling Me Through
    08. Fall in Love Again
    09. Pour Me Out
    10. We Surrender It All [Feat. Naomi Raine]
    11. Sanctuary
    12. Father Be Pleased [Feat. Nicole C. Mullen]
    13. Spontaneous Flow
    14. You Are the Reason [Feat. Dj Nicholas]
    15. I Can't Be Stopped [Bonus Track]
    16. Your Great Name [Studio Version]





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